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What we're about

This is for men who want empower themselves to have confidence in every area of their lives (i.e. love, relationships, career).

This is for men who REFUSE to play small in life, and want to step into the strongest version of themselves.

If you want any of the following, then this group is for you:
- You want to become confident when talking to attractive women and people you view as "better than you"
- You want to kick ass in your career
- You want to connect with women but have various fears / anxieties that stop you
- You want to enjoy life and be present instead of letting negative thoughts run the show
- You are a "nice guy" and have a hard time asserting yourself in love and platonic relationships
- You feel like you are being jerked around by people and life, and want to take hold of your destiny
- You want to kick fear and anxiety in the butt and stop playing small!
- You are already "confident" but have a willingness to learn, grow, and contribute.
- You want to step into the most confident, strongest version of yourself.

This meetup will provide you the following:
- skills / tool / strategies / mindsets for you to become more confident in the area of your life you choose
- accountability and support to help you reach your goals. No man is an island, and having a band of brothers will SHORTEN the learning curve and pick you up when you stumble.

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