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Victoria | The Connected Woman "C3" Monthly Event!
These "Confidential Conversations" are designed to offer women a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a Wisdom Circle/Mastermind setting to sharpen business and personal skills and to connect with smart, savvy business women who want to succeed (just like you!) Have you ever been frustrated with a dilemma or challenge that you know can be solved, and yet try as you may you can’t fix it? Collaboration and connection with like-minded people with like-minded goals, who need objective advice and accountability is where you'll find it. Get answers and ideas through brainstorming with others in the group. The result? Success and validation. Can't join us? Here are three other ways you can get involved with the TCWA: 1. Join our Facebook Group and contribute to our online conversations. 2. Join our LinkedIn Group and contribute to our online conversations. 3. Follow @ConnectedWoman on Twitter and use our hashtag #TCW to share your thoughts or interesting articles on women and leadership. C3 Leader: Leanne Gebicki This Month's Topic: The 6 Step Approach to Maximizing Sales this Holiday Season Who’s excited about the upcoming holiday season? Well you darn well should be, because this is probably THE best time of year to maximize your year end revenue. At time of year, companies and brands pull out all the stops with killer marketing campaigns and sales promotions to entice you to buy on impulse and join the holiday spending craze. As a small business owner, how can you replicate these tactics for yourself? Here’s what you'll learn by attending . . . - Why planning is important - 8 Specific days to leverage sales - 6 Steps to make more sales & attract more clients during the holiday season. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea!) and join members of The Connected Woman Association for C3 – Confidential Conversations & Connections where we'll have the opportunity to discuss, brainstorm and offer solutions and ideas to help you Stand UP & Stand OUT in your business! You can attend at a low cost ($11-$18.50), for this 90 minutes in-person mastermind session. (you don’t have to be a member to attend but we think you’ll find membership irresistible!) We currently have C3’s in various areas of Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, with more coming on board, so get yourself on the Connections Count! mailing list to be notified of an upcoming session and check out The Connected Woman Association website for all the details! Got a question or a topic suggestion for a future Coffee with Cathy or C3? We’d love to hear from you! Bring business cards so we'll know who you are and a pen & journal/paper to jot down those 'AHA!' moments. Invite a friend or colleague to join you if it makes you feel more comfortable meeting us for the first time. Women join us for two reasons: Content and Connections so if you're an initiator, visionary, entrepreneur or someone who has a passion for collaborating - join us! You don’t need to be a member to attend (but we think you’ll find membership irresistible!) Registration: Guests/Community Members: $18.50 Premium Members: $11 *$35 for ALL walk-ins so register TODAY! Due to the design and format of C3 events, registrations are non-refundable. We encourage you to 'pay it forward' with your registration should you be unable to attend.

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632 Yates Street · Victoria, BC

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The Connected Woman Association is a different type of business networking. It is THE place to connect!

The Connected Woman Association exists because we are women on a mission to build the businesses we love, to make our dreams into realities AND surround ourselves with like-minded women. We’re tired of conventional networking pitches, events filled with salespeople trying to sell other sales people and rooms filled with collectors and no connectors.

We want to build and belong to a tribe of women who “Get It”, who understand that being in business is not a walk in the park - it can be isolating and down-right lonely at times. We want to connect, converse, collaborate and create awesomeness! The Connected Woman Association (TCWA) Meetup group was created as an outreach of our TCWA Community to let women know that there is an opportunity to come together in a less formal, yet still professional setting to discuss topics and issues relating to their business.

Connect, Converse, Collaborate and Create!

TCWA offers Confidential Conversations and Connections (C3) each month with a specific topic of facilitated discussion throughout Metro Vancouver, parts of British Columbia and Vancouver Island Our C3 meetings offer an inclusive environment to discuss and share practical strategies, tools, techniques and a whole lot of fun!

What you can expect from our C3's . . .Round Table Introductions and discussions facilitated by our C3 Leader - be prepared to "Ditch the Pitch" and tell us who you really are - and the opportunity to share your business challenges and successes with other like-minded women and create relationships and connections that will propel your business forward.

Want to Lead a C3 in your area?

TCWA has made it possible to deliver C3s in your area. We have leadership training that equips you with the tools and resources to generate connections, help others in your community and generate an affiliate income as a Leader. Let's get you started!

"If you want to go far . . ."

The members of TCWA are committed to sharing our connections with others to aid in the expansion of our community and the growth of all participating businesses. How? - inviting guests, assisting with meetings/events and providing referral opportunities. We work together to learn, explore, create and inspire and are focused on making a difference.

Want to belong to the #1 Community of Connected Women?

All business owners and professionals are welcome. You don't have to be a member to attend, but we think you'll find membership irresistible! We invite you to join us and experience it for yourself. (

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