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Tunxis Trail hike; Part 2, Indian Council Caves

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This is not a beginners hike. We will be hiking a section of the Tunxis Trail in the towns of Barkhamsted, New Hartford and Hartland. This is a section hike, so we will meet at the end of the hike and then shuttle to the start. This section is about 8 miles long, maybe a little less. There is some elevation gain and rough terrain. Please be sure you are fit enough for an 8 mile hike with some steep climbs. Water is very important, everyone should have their own. Snacks are also encouraged.

This is not a beginners hike. You should be prepared for spring hiking with appropriate layered clothing. The trails may be muddy due to spring rains. At this time the weather looks to be pretty good so you should plan and clear weather and seasonal temperatures. I'll update the description if the forecast changes.

We are getting into spring and you should be prepared for bugs. Ticks are always a problem and black flies will soon be out. A repellant with DEET is effective and correct clothing can help.

Meeting Location: Rt 219 (E. Hartland Rd.) in Barkhamsted, near the intersection with Hillcrest Drive.

Apres-Hike: As usual we ask attendees to suggest a location for our traditional Apres-Hike gathering. If you know the area and can suggest a place that would be appropriate for a group of hikers, please chime in. We did go to a local restaurant in the area, Blue Sky, and it was pretty good. It's BYOB. Just sayin'. Another option is Portobello's further down Rt 44 towards Canton. Those not participating in Stacker must find your own table.

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