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Paugussett State Forest - Lillinonah Trail

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This 5.9 mile Loop Hike is not for beginners and is ideal for intermediate hikers. The trail leads us thought mixed forest areas that ascend and descend (steeply at times) along the Housatonic River and Lake Lillinonah in the Paugussett State Forest.

This is a Loop Hike - which means we will meet at one location where we will leave our cars hike a loop that returns to our cars.

Please do not use the "no" RSVP function unless you need to cancel from a "yes". This is a standard preference for all Connecticut Hiking Alliance Meetups. Other Meetup groups may have a different preference.

Distance: 5.9 miles

Location: Meet at the Pond Brook Boat Launch Parking Lot

Pace: A moderate pace with breaks for water and views but the intent is to cover the distance.

Food and Drink: A snack or two and two quarts of water.

Equipment: Summer temperatures are here so be prepared but remember we are in New England and things can change from day to day hour to hour meaning the weather and trail conditions can vary dramatically so be prepared for all conditions. As with all hikes, hiking shoes are a must, foot support is important as we hike on hiking trails not walking paths. Proper clothing is also important, please dress appropriately but be prepare for changing conditions taking layers off or putting them on may be needed during the stretch of a hike.

Cotton is NOT appropriate wear when executing activities that cause you to sweat and cool therefore please select your hiking apparel with this in mind...jeans are especially off limits as they become heavy and uncomfortable when wet hindering your ability to hike and keep pace with the rest of the group, this is why we ask that you dress in the appropriate attire when hiking with the group. If you are uncertain as to what clothing or items are considered hiking wear, please email me directly, or email any of the co-organizers. We will also be able to share referrals to suppliers of both new and gently used hiking apparel and supplies.

Bug repellant and sun screen are again a necessity now that the warmer months have come upon us.

Apres-hike: As always, we will follow the hike with a social outing for lunch and a beverage. Suggestions of a local establishment would be greatly appreciated.

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