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26 Acts of Kindness #9 - Blaze a Trail!

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This outing is suitable for beginners... Duncaster, the retirement community (not to be mistaken for assisted living) at which I work, has a small hiking (nature) trail that is unmarked. Come join me, and a couple residents, to blaze the trail! Our handiwork will enable more people to enjoy the trail. I will supply the paint (red), stencils and brushes. You will supply the brush strokes and smiles.

As with all Connecticut Hiking Alliance events, please do not use the "no rsvp" unless you previously rsvp'd yes and need to change your plans. We make this request because all rsvp responses become emails to the leaders. If you have not signed up as a yes, then we already know you are a "no" so please conserve on the emails. Other Meetup groups may have a different rsvp preference.

This after work outing will take less than two hours - but be prepared because this time your photo will appear on our website - as usual - but may also appear in local media.

Link: Duncaster (

Because Duncaster is close to my heart, I reserve the right to "un" rsvp people who have been previously inactive or have a history of unreliable RSVPs with our group.

Leashed dogs are VERY WELCOME at this event. Duncaster (and I) love dogs.

Legal Stuff: By clicking on "Count me in" or "Yes" for this event you agree, warrant, and covenant as follows:

In consideration for accepting this entry, I, the registrant, intending to be legally bound, for myself, my heirs, my executors and administrators, do waive and release any and all rights for damages I may have against any parties or persons connected with the Connecticut Hiking Alliance for and related to the above listed event. I attest and verify that I am physically fit to participate in any portion of this above listed event. I grant the Connecticut Hiking Alliance permission to use any photographs, film or videotapes of this event for any purpose.

I am participating in this event with the understanding that many photos will be taken and it is likely that I will appear in one or more photos. And the Connecticut Hiking Alliance takes a LOT of photos! And we post many many! Be forewarned. If you are in the witness protection program, this group is not for you.

Apres-Blaze: As always, we will have an Apres-event outing. It's likely we will be thirsty and hungry after this event. This event's venue is:

The rePUBlic in Bloomfield, CT: 39 Jerome Avenue, Bloomfield, CT 06002 (860)216-5852

Link: The rePUBlic (

Equipment and apparel: Bug repellent will be a necessity and you may also wish to wear something that won't be ruined by a splatter or two of red paint. This trail is only 1.5 miles in length... but because of the "photo-opp" it is preferred that you arrive in hiking apparel.

NOTE: Please make any general comments regarding how to improve or alter the overall processes of all the outings in the DISCUSSIONS tab. Requests for autographs should go through my marketing coordinator. Questions and comments to this event should be posted below.


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