Celebrate Jennifer's 48th plus the Perseid Meteor Shower: Backpack Mt. Carrigain

The Connecticut Hiking Alliance... No Cakewalks for us!
The Connecticut Hiking Alliance... No Cakewalks for us!
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Mt Carrigain trailhead

Sawyer River Road · Bartlett, nh

How to find us

We need to carpool - parking might be tight in the summer at the trail head.

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Jennifer will be completing her 48th NH mountain atop Mt. Carrigain... known for its's view of ALL of the other 47! Celebrate with her! Join us for either the day hike (sign up on its own event) or backpack (sign up here)!

Wilderness backpacking (Mt. Carrigain)
limited to 10 experienced backpackers
Mt. Carrigain 4700"
Mt. Nancy - bushwhack - on the Sunday hike out
Friday: We will stay in town Friday night,
Saturday: hike in and over Mt. Carrigain (NH 48 list) then camp
Sunday: hike to Mt. Nancy (100 highest list) and then out

Prepare for chilly mountain top conditions, a zero-thirty degree sleeping bag and appropriate layers for cold weather. You must join the wait list first and the leader will change waiting list members to Yes if those members have certain experience with this group that make the leaders comfortable with their level of experience for this particular outing. This is not going to be an easy trip and is not a beginner outing or for those unaccustomed actually hiking up and down mountains (plural) wearing a BACKpack and also bushwacking.

This will be a significant hike event and we have set it up such that we will move individuals from the wait list to the hike upon reviewing their hiking and backpacking experience.es.

Prepare for cold nights as the weather is extremely variable in this area. It is likely we may need winter gear (spikes, snowshoes, possibly crampons) in addition to winter clothing.

REQUIRED: You must bring all items on the Hike Safe list (google it).

BRING; Happy Hour items for Saturday night.

Link to Carrigain and Mt. Nancy map and info (this map doesn't contain our route. just parts of it. The leaders have real maps and you should too - gps or app alone is NOT sufficient:


Elevation: 4700'

Elevation: 3926'

The Nancy Pond Trail is a low incline hike to Nancy Cascades. After the cascades the hike is steep and strenuous before leveling out near Nancy and Norcross ponds. The herd path to Mt. Nancy is very steep in most areas but also easy to navigate.

We will have a couple stoves for boiling water, not everyone needs one. Food - you can bring real food for Saturday to cook on fire, but also bring dehydrated in case of rain. If you are a coffee drinker - bring your own! (and creamer/sugar if you use)

LODING: Make your reservation BEFORE April 2: Profile Deluxe motel for Friday night. Breakfast restaurant is right across the street: Munroes.

Profile Deluxe website:

Will also a location for Friday evening dinner for anyone in town early enough to grab a bite together.

FOOD: Bring enough food for 2 trail lunches, 1 breakfast and real food to share for Saturday "happy hour" to celebrate with Jennifer! Our happy hours are know for food - but you might want to bring a light dinner...

GUESTS: No. Everyone must be a member. Have the guest join if they wish to attend.

Pets: No.

LEGAL: By clicking on "Yes" for this event you agree, warrant, and covenant as follows:

In consideration for accepting this entry, I, the registrant, intending to be legally bound, for myself, my heirs, my executors and administrators, do waive and release any and all rights for damages I may have against any parties or persons connected with the Connecticut Hiking Alliance for and related to the above listed event. I attest and verify that I am physically fit to participate in any portion of this above listed event. I grant the Connecticut Hiking Alliance permission to use any photographs, film or videotapes of this event for any purpose. We take a lot of photos so if you are in the witness protection program, stay home.

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