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I am a teacher of material success. I know how to manifest, not because I read about it in a book, but because I do it. I live an incredible life and I am willing to teach a few (up to 6 per group) how to identify what I can see as blocking their likelihood of success, or if they are far enough down the road in their journey, how to begin to manifest true abundance. I find it laughable that so many spiritual teachers teach material abundance and yet struggle on a monthly basis. One cannot teach what one does not know. A poor person can no more teach you about abundance any more than I can teach you Einstein’s theory of relativity. I know business. I have been a CEO and VP of a couple successful ventures and currently serve on 2 boards of advisors of national tech companies. As importantly, I am a yogi and as such, I have gained a level of understanding of universal law. These are the laws upon which creations are made. Think of this as business 101, 202 and 303 through the lens of yogic science. I will meet you where you are (in the metaphorical sense). Again, only 6 per group so as to not dilute the experience.

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