What we're about

The Consciousness Gardener is a group for anyone interested in Consciousness, chanting/meditation, gardening and above all, reconnecting to Consciousness within ourselves and in the world around us...

To simplify the purpose - I present The Consciousness Gardener's Mantra

"My Highest Good FOR the Greatest Good of All... My Highest Good FROM the Greatest Good of All... "

Just like plants receive nourishment from the soil and grow to give back to the earth, when we are able to receive nourishment from Consciousness - we grow and give back to the earth - FOR the Greatest Good of all... FROM The Greatest Good of All.

Through a combination of gardening and consciousness practices the services presented balance spiritual insight with physical manifestation. For example, when exploring spiritual insight like praying or meditating, the focus may be on a physical manifestation like a vocal expression or other physical action. Yet, when exploring physical manifestation like growing a garden, the focus may be meditation or another spiritual focus.

I started this group to provide several different ways for authentic Consciousness Exploration. Because after exploring and experiencing various avenues, I can confidently say - holding space for Consciousness exploration is NEEDED. So, I'm constantly looking for new modalities and hoping to connect with others who are looking for a place and a group of people to explore Consciousness with ...

Please join me and this movement ... so we can grow Consciousness FOR the Greatest Good of All... FROM the Greatest Good of all... Invite those you know who embrace Consciousness and invite those you wish would embrace Consciousness. Connected to Consciousness within let us seek to grow Consciousness in the world!

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