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The Corporate IKIGAI concept was developed to find YOUR PERSONAL PURPOSE in your working life. The IKIGAI concept comes from Japan and was found to be one determining factor for the high life expectancy in Okinawa. People with a purpose in life are happier and get older. This concept was now transferred to the business context together with a strong assessment tool.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses in a business context. Find out how to integrate the following dimensions:
* What you are good at?
* What do you love to do?
* What does the market need from you?
* What does the world need?
A unique assessment tool will show you what IKIGAI LEADER/MANAGER TYPE you are. Where you are already strong and where you need to improve. This helps you to find your purpose in working life: YOUR PROFESSIONAL IKIGAI.

The same assessment can be done on corporate level. Is there a collective purpose a CORPORATE IKIGAI that you can rely on?
This is most important for start-ups to identify the blind spots and improve wherever needed. At the same time it will show existing business organisations where they stand and how they can improve the integration of the spheres of
* Capabilities and know-how
* Passion and Motivation
* Sustainability and Impact
* Business acumen and skills
The assessment will show you what IKIGAI BUSINESS TYPE your company is and how a collective sense of purpose and dynamic balance can be reached: YOUR CORPORATE IKIGAI.

Based on an online assessment prior to the workshops. Your strengths and shortcomings in the the 4 IKIGAI dimension will be evaluated. The workshops are designed on personal and/or collective level. To develop your individual or organisational roadmap towards finding your IKIGAI.

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