The Corporate Startup

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In this meetup, we want to give you a glimpse of the next innovative movement in Indonesia 'the Corporate Startup'. Enterprises are looking for innovation and they make sure to use their own resources to launch the products of the future before others do.

The 'next big thing' about to happen in Indonesia is what we'll call 'the corporate startup'. Now corporates cannot and should not 'become' startups. But what they can do is learn how to create a 'startup engine' or 'innovation ecosystem'. By stimulating people to become 'intrapreneurs'. By creating the freedom to experiment and use the principles of lean startup to find new profitable business models.

For this meetup, we have the author of 'The Corporate Startup' to share his thoughts on this. Dan Toma lives in Germany and travels the world to help corporates create startup ecosystems. He is an Innovation thought leader and being involved with technology startups around the world, Dan is an innovation community leader in Europe. He is a certified lean startup coach.

Dan Toma
Innovator | Author - The Corporate Startup