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Human Energy System -LIVE this Monday with the Aura Imaging System. Interactive!

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40 people went

Price: $5.00 /per person

Old Rainier Brewery

3100 Airport Way South · Seattle, WA

How to find us

Just of i-5 South of Seattle.

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Date - Monday 7/27/15 at 7pm

Guests - Dr. Carolyn and Gerry White and the Aura and Chakra Imaging System.

HERE is the perfect opportunity to SEE and understand how the human energy system works. THIS will be an interactive sharing with an active VISUAL presentation for everyone in the room. Dr. Carolyn and Gerry will project real time images on a large movie screen. They will also provide a learning and visual presentation so that we can understand with additional depth the Chakra's and and ones overall Aura functioning. Plus, as a gift from Carolyn and Gerry, they will ask a couple participants to share their aura information to educate the group.

The Chakra and Aura Imaging System is a Multimedia Biofeedback System that uses the Science of Biofeedback, Color Therapy and Energy Medicine to measure, analyze, and educate a Soul on their individual aura. This information assists a person by looking at your energy state with its limitations and strengths.

Do you know what a chakra is? What is an aura? The Aura is an electromagnetic energy field, which surrounds every living organism. This field vibrates at different frequencies and reflects the current state of Mind, Body and Spirit. The Aura emanates from the Chakras. Each chakra is pure energy and relates to a specific energy channel of your body. Chakra is a ancient Sanskrit word that means a spinning wheel or disk. In this context, the Chakras are a series of wheel-like vortices that are a part of the human energy field. Collectively, the Chakras process our incoming energy (Chi, life force). The amplitude and frequency of each Chakra’s “output” determines the “look” of the Aura. By using The Aura Imaging System you will:- Experience in real time how various mental and physical states affect you. Watch, participate and learn through experimentation what happens when you use different modalities to consciously shift your emotional states. Dr. Carolyn and Gerry will also discuss the potentials of transcending to new levels of Being through focusing energy.

After the presentation, and during the second half of the Cafe (Networking time), Dr. Carolyn and Gerry will offer a personalized aura photo and chakra imaging mini-sessions for the nominal cost of $20. Each session includes an 8 ½” x 11” aura photo and chakra image with graphs, overview of the colors and chakras handout, plus a mini-reading by Carolyn and Gerry. Sign up quickly since there are limited spaces available.

THIS is going to be a great night!

Host of Cosmic Cafe is Todd Rohlsson

Todd is always available for psychic readings and energy disc information.