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The Crone's Hearth is a warm and friendly group who meets eight times a year to celebrate the cycle of the seasons. At our meetings we explore the meaning, traditions and activities associated with each of the major festivals of the pagan year. We aim to provide an overview of our ethics, beliefs and practices to those who feel drawn to a Wiccan or old craft spiritual path and want to learn more. We also want to create an opportunity for solitary practitioners in the area to meet others of a like mind in order to exchange knowledge and experiences.

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Join us in celebrating Lammas

Amersham Community Centre

After introductions, and a basic overview of the Craft (if any new comers are present) the meeting will start with a brief talk about the history, beliefs and practices associated with Lughnasadh/Lammas. We will take a close look at how you can dress an altar for Lammas and exchange ideas. Participants are invited to share any readings and prayers relevant to this festival. There will be a wild-wood meditation for those who wish to take part, so please bring a cushion or mat if you prefer to sit on the floor. It is customary to ground yourself by eating and drinking after a meditation/path working session and a small snack and hot drink will be provided. If you are vegan or have a food allergy please let me know so that I can cater for you - particularly if you are gluten free as this festival celebrates the cereal harvest! The lore of tree, wort and stone is an important part of this spiritual path and will be discussed at every meeting so group members' can build up their knowledge. The tree most associated with this festival is the Hazel, so there will be a talk on the folk traditions, medicinal uses and magical aspects of this beneficial tree. I will also give a brief talk on the uses of Meadowsweet- one of the herbs connected to this festival. If you can bring any new folklore tales or uses for hazel and meadowsweet your contribution will be welcomed. The final part of the meeting will be decided by you, the participant, as you will be invited to debate, discuss or question any aspects of the path. Of course, experienced participants may just want an chat over a cup of tea - it's up to you. Please bring a pen and notebook with you. In order to recoup costs, a fee of £10 in cash is payable on entry. I look forward to meeting you.

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Join us in celebrating Litha

Amersham Community Centre

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