Back to The Future - The Serverless Revolution

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Every 1st Tuesday of the month until January 3, 2020

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What we're about

"Microservices & Serverless Development with Node. JS " With Ron Ezra.

Ron Ezra is the Co-founder and CEO of Hestrix.
"Microservices became the preferred methodology for distributed systems. It is the major way to support smart and accurate container orchestration which is mandatory in BigData. Since NodeJS became very popular for constructing fine-grained services – it is expected to implement Microservices with JavaScript. This seminar introduces the requirements for working Microservices eco-system and how to create it with NodeJS.
Serverless is the next step of decomposing logic down to the function level and serve functions as services. The seminar will introduce how to deploy to AWS LAMBDA and discusses other Serverless commercial alternatives."

"Testing with production traffic" With Ido Cohen

Ido Cohen is the Co-founder and CEO of Loadmill, delivering the chaos of the Internet into your test environment.
"Tests are the backbone of the software we develop but our tests can only be as good as the cases that they check. Identifying all the possible scenarios and test cases can be an impossible task, so focusing your tests on real-world user scenarios is a useful tactic to achieve quality tests.
In this session, we will explore basic concepts such as contract vs case-based testing, regression vs progression testing, and the holy grail of shadow testing. We will look at the tools used to implement these concepts - Pact, GoReplay, and Loadmill".

18:00- Gathering, Food and Drinks
18:30- Microservices & Serverless Development with Node. JS
19:15- The Serverless Revolution- Beer and Questions
19:45- Testing with production traffic