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Building on the successes of The NYC Political Forum™ (www.nycpoliticalforum.org), we are now extending our reach to the folks living in the DC Metropolitan Area.

The Political Forum is a nonpartisan civic organization. We welcome all DC residents to join, gather and exchange their passionate views and ideas on various public policy matters and foreign affairs. While we don't shy away from controversial, hot-button issues, we always maintain civility and strive for an intellectual discourse at the highest level.

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Occupy Wall Street: Its Impact and Legacy Ten Years Later

Ten years ago this week, a group of protestors descended at Zuccotti Park, in New York City's financial district. As we mark the tenth anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, we'll take a critical look at its influence and impact in our society today.

Let's look back and discuss the following points:

• OWS' contribution to the ideas and people that influence today’s progressive agenda — from the “99 percent” mantra to the presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders, to the rise of the "Justice Democrats," to the “Fight for $15.”

• Its distinct organizational activities and processes, such as "consensus-based" decisions made in general assemblies and "occupying" an encampment of a public space.

• What were the originally-intended goals of OWS? In what ways have they achieved those goals? In what ways have they failed?

• Do you agree with the common criticisms leveled at OWS? In what ways did the movement appear radical and did the protestors became extremists, if at all?

• Finally, just like other political movements, has OWS morphed into yet another catch-all, partisan-leaning movement, yet with no coherent ideology? How did OWS give rise to other political movements in the past several years?

The Pentagon's UFO Report ("Preliminary Assessment of UAP")

For this meeting, we'll read and discuss the unclassified Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. A PDF copy of the report can be accessed here:


Based on the report, let's evaluate the following points:

• The origins of the Pentagon's covert Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF).

• Did you find the highly inconclusive nature of the report to be unsatisfactory and outright disappointing?

• Does the report raise more questions than answer them?

• What do you believe were the government's motive to release the report now?

• Finally, the Fermi Paradox -- To Be, or Not to Be Signaling the Extraterrestrial Intelligence? (SETI) Should there be a coherent policy regarding SETI? What should be the protocol in the event a signal is detected in the future?

Although we typically shy away from speculations and we never engage in entertaining wild conspiracy theories, we'll allow some latitude for this meeting, to the extent it's directly related to the Preliminary Assessment report.

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