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AQUAPONIC Meetup w. commercial grower & new technology

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This class will be held on February 10th. Those who have paid already for the earlier date (Feb 3rd) if you need a refund please contact Dave, otherwise please plan on attending February 10th. Thank you for your understanding.


It's finally warming up a bit and spring is right around the corner, time to get ready to grow some excellent veggies in your own aquaponic system! At this meetup we will have four hours to discuss and plan your aquaponic dreams, and there will be a LOT of information available to help you decide your path forward into sustainable organic gardening and farming. A small system will be on display, but we will also be showing and discussing information on medium and larger systems as well.


A small scale aquaponic system will be on display, showing the most goof-proof flood & drain aquaponic system ever developed. This system keeps running when all the others don't, it's designed to run for MONTHS without maintenance. If you are interested in getting started on a budget, this demo will save you time, money and trouble.


At this meetup you will meet one of Dave's new commercial clients from Temple Texas, Kevin Twyeffort of Loaves and Fishes Farms. Kevin trained at Morningstar Fishermen, built his 10,000 plant-space raft system and got it up and running last year. He is now marketing his crops and he has a TON of valuable lessons for any prospective commercial aquaponic growers.


Kevin built his system with a VERY ingenious temperature control system which utilizes the thermal mass under the raftways. His greenhouse design is excellent, with roll-up sides and ridge vents. This super-efficient system saves him a TON of energy on cooling AND heating. Kevin will explain how his system works and Dave will teach how thermal mass and ventilation can be used in conjunction with solar and biomass heating for small and large systems alike.


Another innovation Kevin has developed will be discussed and explained, a fully submerged flow-through gravel bed filter populated by a wide variety of worm species. By feeding the worms and keeping oxygen at proper levels the worms have absolutely thrived in this system, cleaning the water, producing excellent microbial fertilizer for the plants in the rafts, and also providing a huge crop of new worms which can be marketed (worms sell for $30/lb!)


A wood-fired "rocket stove" type water heater Dave developed will be on display, this unit is designed to efficiently convert any type of biomass into thermal energy in an aquaponic system, saving money on fuel or electricity. Once you see how simple it is and how easy it is to make, you will want to make one yourself.


At this meetup you can reserve an excellent purchase price for high strength white pond lining material, this is the stuff the professionals use to line their raftways and gravel beds, it's super-tough, food grade LDPE and will last a LOT longer than most of the other options out there. Depending on how many people want some, the price of the liner will be about $1.50/sq ft. (online it goes for $2.50/sq ft. PLUS SHIPPING.) Rubber pond liner can be cheaper, but LDPE liner is far better material with woven strands built in to help resist punctures. The white color keeps your system cooler, and allows you to see the bottom of the raftway to monitor any sludge (or other) issues.


275 gallon FOOD GRADE IBC totes will be available for $120 each, they will be available on a first-come-first-served basis, these totes were ONLY used to store food type materials NOT chemicals. if you wish to be absolutely sure to get a tote, email the organizers to make payment in advance. Delivery can be arranged if needed, usually for about $20 in most areas.

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