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Group buy - Plant!t grow media (expanded clay beads)

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If you are looking at getting into aquaponics or thinking about expanding your system, the media of choice is often the light weight clay beads commonly known as "Hydroton" or (more recently) Plant!t (pronounced "Plant-it"). By using these instead of gravel, planting and transplanting are much easier due to the light weight of the media. They cost more, but they are a one time purchase and last indefinitely after that.

Product details:

Locally the 45 liter bags cost about $30-$35 per 45 liter bag, sometimes you can get them cheaper online but then there's a lot of shipping cost so it adds up around the same. This bulk purchase allows us to sell them for $25/bag plus tax ($27.06).

It takes about five 45 liter bags of media to fill one IBC growbed, or 1/2 of a bag for a small barrel system.

There are 45 bags of media per pallet, so the orders will be broken up into that increment. Once we have orders for 45 bags we will order the pallet and send out a notice to the buyers letting them know when they can pick up their order.

It will be first come first served, so get your order in early for fastest delivery. If (or when) the first pallet sells out you can put a note below to request a quote on getting more (from the next pallet). If the second pallet order fills quickly it can probably be scheduled at the same time as the first, otherwise it may be a week or so later.

Dave Pennington