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Dr. Pam's Full Day Workshop: Fearlessly Going For YOUR Dreams!

Price: $55.00 /per person

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It is finally here! A new full-day workshop devoted to Fearlessly Going for Your Dreams!

Sunday, July 15, 2012 is a day for YOU!

Amazing Owners--

Plan on joining us for a full day together! We will meet from 9-12, lunch from 12-1:15, and return back to our workshop from 1:15 to 5. If you attended our half-day workshop, you already know the power of the workshop in setting you straight on your course! It will be a very full day of personal growth and development!

This FULL DAY workshop is even more elaborate than the half-day! Focusing for a full day will help you reconnect with your goals and dreams, get specific in your action steps, help you to understand how to move past fear, add energy, and get you moving!

How can attending this workshop benefit YOU?

• You will claim a day for YOU to reconnect with your passion and purpose

• You will gain clarity about how fear is slowing you down, getting in your way, or even stopping you at times

• You will learn strategies for moving past the fear and into action

• You’ll achieve connection and support from like-minded people

• You discover new things about yourself, leading to greater momentum and motivation

Ideas that sabotage the fearless mindset include self-doubt, self-criticism, procrastination, losing focus, and a lack of action. If this has been you in the past, this workshop may be the key to refocusing & unlocking that prison.

If you’re already past these fearless mindsets and just need some time to gain clarity and sharpen yourself for upcoming action, then this workshop is definitely for you! Remember Abe Lincoln’s quote: Give me six hours to chop down a treeand I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Let’s toss out self- sabotage, take your foot off the breaks, and start moving toward your dreams! Focus & sustained effort of workshops combined with our monthly masterminding group can become a great support on your journey to success!

What if you took a 2-hour meetup group and multiplied it by 3, personalized it further, and allowed me to take you well beyond what we can do in a meetup? I know that the best way to learn is through multi-faceted experiences from my work as an instructor, therapist, and training director --listening, talking, interacting, playing, and more. For that reason, there will be opportunities for discussion, dyad work, and group work which are designed to specifically personalize your learning of these concepts.

So, if you want to have fun, learn more ways of helping yourself succeed, and do so in a context of safety and support, then please attend. Space is limited, and I'm making the price of this accessible so that each of you could participate.

Between now and the end of May, I'm offering a $55 early-bird registration fee. Friends can attend at 50% off if they register during this early-bird time. The early registration fee will go up to $100 as we near our workshop. So, I invite you to register early!

Act fearlessly & register now!

Pam Garcy, PhD4222 Trinity Mills RoadSuite 106Dallas, Texas 75287(972) 248-3861

A note about the event location:IF RSVP is 17 or under, location will be Brain Balance of PlanoIF RSVP exceeds 17, location will be Plano Center 2000 East Spring Creek Parkway, Dallas, TX

Pam Garcy, PhD

4222 Trinity Mills Road, Suite 106 Dallas, Texas 75287 (972) 248-3861

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