What we're about

Finally a NEW group devoted to YOUR self-empowerment and self-exploration!

Who should join?
This is a group for anyone who is interested in empowering themselves and getting to know themselves better. You might be at the beginning of your journey or you might feel like you're a pro, either way, we welcome your enthusiastic self-exploration & self-empowerment!

If you are also someone who can be supportive others and is open to sharing yourself, we want you to attend.

This group is supportive, happy, positive and uplifting.
This group is inspiring and empowering.
This group is encouraging you to be the best you.
This group knows you're one of a kind AND that you have unique gifts to offer the world.
This group wants you to be successful at anything you set your heart & mind to.
This group will teach you principles for success & will also walk you to inner peace.
This group is loving and genuine.
This group is unique.
This group is here for you & hopes you will be here for it.

What our meetup will do? Activities that inspire, uplift, enliven, heal, challenge, connect & ultimately embolden you!

Here's what we're up to:
1. group discussions, mini-workshops & longer retreats designed to help you feel empowered, confident and self-aware (facilitated by Dr. Pam Garcy)
2. group attendance at events that hopefully raise inspiration and positivity (may include movies, plays, musicals, lectures, concerts, artistic events, comedy, other performances, museums and more)
3. group discussions following attendance at #2

Dr. Pam Garcy is a psychologist, life coach, bestselling author and success trainer in Dallas, Texas.

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