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Your Relationship with YOU!
Dear Powerful Woman, Some of my clients are waiting for someone to give them permission, encourage them, and tell them to go ahead and live their lives all out! Example: Client: He doesn't encourage me or tell me that he thinks I can do it. He just doesn't empower me. Me: How long have you been waiting for him to do that? Client: I've waited a long time! Me: What's the effect of waiting on you? Client: I'm angry at him and I'm doubting myself. Me: That doesn't feel good! Client: No. Me: Do you think you're operating under the assumption that he's the only source of encouragement, empowerment, and acknowledgement? Client: I think so. Me: Well, let's say you stopped waiting for the encouragement to come from the outside in. What if you started practicing self-encouragement? Client: I don't really know how to do that. How do I do that? Me: Just the fact that you asked that is already more empowering than waiting--let's talk about that! If you relate at all to the example, at our next meetup, we'll talk about strategies to encourage, uplift, and empower yourself! This meetup is designed to help you benefit by learning: ==> How to build your self-encouragement muscle through mirror work. ==> How to empower yourself through action steps. ==> Your specific challenges, ideas, and questions. If this is of interest to you, please RSVP now, as space is limited! • What to bring notebook, planner • Important to know Suite 106

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A NEW Group Dedicated to Women's Emotions Has FINALLY Arrived!

You get your hair done.
You go for a spa day.
You even take your car for a spa day.

What about your emotions?

Do you ever give yourself an emotional spa day?

A day to release toxic emotions?
A day to release the effects of stress?
A day to bond with others?
A day to realign yourself with your purpose? To get clear? To feel supported & connected?
To meditate?
To rejuvinate?

This group is all about YOU taking care of your emotional wellbeing.

It is for women, who are the planet's nurturers and who, in loving compassion, are often the absorbers of emotional energy, and who often (through conditioning) accept emotional responsibility of their relationships.

The workshops that I'm designing for you are to keep you on track emotionally, to help you to remember to accept yourself, rate your behaviors not your value or worth as a human, reach toward your dreams (even though you might fail), and love your life more.

There is a clear link between your emotional health and your physical health, your emotional health and the health of your relationships, your emotional health and your career satisfaction...I could go on. You not only deserve to take care of yourself emotionally, but it is simply a wise thing to do.

If you're one of the people attracting this group to you, please take action now. Join this group & invite as many women as you know to join. It will be worth it!

Also, to reinforce your boldness and non-procrastination, I will offer great free gifts to the first 10 women to register. At the first workshop, you'll getThe Power of Inner Guidance: Seven Steps to Tune In and Turn On. At the second workshop, you'll get How To Make Time When You Don't Have Any: A New Approach To Reclaiming Your Schedule!

There'll be more free gifts to come, just because you're taking ACTION!!!!

Love and blessings,

Dr. Pam Garcy

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