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This group is about what in other contexts would be referred to as “spiritual enlightenment” or just “enlightenment”. The group is called “The Damndest Thing” because, if you’re anything like I was, you probably don’t really “believe” in enlightenment as such. You probably think yoga or meditation can help you be calmer or maybe, to use the Dan Harris phrase, be “10% happier.” You might harbor some suspicions that meditating in a cave in India for twenty *could* lead to some profound changes (though maybe not entirely good ones, lol). But normal people in our modern and Western society? Enlightenment, whatever it might be, doesn’t happen to people like that.

But it does! And the only reason I know that and believe it is because it happened to me: a 30-something Millennial software developer with no “spiritual” aspirations as such. And when it happened (and continues to unfold) it really is the “damndest thing”. Totally unexpectedly and thoroughly improbable.

So, even if you’re not the “spiritual type” but have some passing curiosity in such things, come to the group, and I’ll tell you my story and you can make of it what you will. Moreover, if you’re interested in self-improvement or personal growth of any kind, I also think my story is relevant. It points to a potent kind of personal transformation that is available and is not talked about much outside of spiritual circles.

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