What we're about

Welcome to the Dangerous Book Club 📚!

If you are interested in any of the following:

- Meaningful conversation

- Personal development

- Local field trips

- Walks in nature . . . you're exactly where you should be.

And I can hear you asking… what book are you reading. And…why is it Dangerous?

The Dangerous Book Club 📚 is a small group discussion (like a book club) but we don’t read one book at a time and discuss it.

Instead, each week is centered on a single topic (such as meaning and purpose, relationships, self-trascendence) and we do a deep dive into what the best researchers and thinkers of our time (and times past) have to say and then, even more importantly, we discuss our own thoughts and ideas.

So it is a discussion … but without a single book—we'll touch on a different book that fits the week's theme.

But…. why is it Dangerous?

Because part of the ethos of the Dangerous Book Club 📚 is that we can learn by discussing - yes, but we also need to take action.

We also feature comfort-zone-stretching field trips to do things like participate in some improv at Second City or do something together like volunteer, a relaxing walk to the park on a summer evening. This raises the stakes. For instance, we may discuss that contributing to our community is important but what are we willing to DO about that?

If you are someone who wants to connect in person and discuss topics that have impact on you and your fellow humans, join us!

QUESTIONS? | CONCERNS? ✉️Adam Jun: mr.adamjun@gmail.com | https://www.linkedin.com/in/adamjun/

The Dangerous Book Club 📚 is a multi-week small group centered around:

1. Doing. Going. Making—not just paying lip service.

2. Meaningful discussion + community.

3. Personal growth, group learning and the serendipitous.

Summer Session meets on Mondays↓

- August, 12th

- August, 19th- August, 26th


- September, 9th

- September, 16th


Week 1 - Meaning | Purpose + Mission

[Activity: Personal and group mission decided. The Funnel test exercise.]

Week 2 - Relationships (maintaining, making new et al.)

[Activity: Improvisational games + exercises]

Week 3 - Health (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual et al.)

[Activity: Group meditation, Pennebaker journal + walk in nature]

Week 4 - Work, Money + Dreams (future of work 2020↑, meaningful work)

[Activity: Reciprocity ring – bring an idea!]

Week 5 - Self-transcendence (loss of self, gratitude, awe, flow et al.)

[Activity: Finishing mission as a group—we'll decide the path ahead for us.]

* * *

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead

1% improvement in any or all of these areas leads to outsize benefits in our lives, and of those around us.

Field trips—eligible for both DBC 📚locations:

1. *Northern Illinois Food bank to bag potatoes - or some such - together.(Date: Tuesday, August 13th—Adam Jun will provide alternate list of dates and times Week 1)

2. *The Second City for free musical improv jam—4pm - 5:30pm on a Saturday. We will select an agreeable date for those interested after our first meeting on August 12th.]
* Opitional

3. A walk to Memorial Park—downtown Wheaton 🌳

Weekly session breakdown:

• 5 minute greetings / current affairs

• 5-10 minutes prepared remarks by facilitator Adam Jun(one-sheet deliverable sent to each member)

• 45 minutes discussion where each member contributes

• ~60 minutes activity

• 5 minutes close + member sound off

* Private online community invite for content sent before each meeting so we're on a similar wavelength + continue to crystallize our learning after each meeting.

* * *

Materials provided:

- Bottled water
- Kind bars
- Legal pad & pen
- One-sheet deliverable on that given week's topic with citations
- All in-class materials

* * *

$20 per meeting

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Dangerous Book Club 📚

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