August 7th, 2019: TDWI Tennessee Chapter Meeting


We are excited to announce our August meeting of the TDWI TN Chapter at Tractor Supply Company in Brentwood TN. You are invited to this incredible free event that will consist of 3 different presentations covering everything from using BI for Talent Supply analysis, Cognitive Services and Key Influencers with Power BI, and finally Modern Cloud Architectures. See below for presentation details. Please register for this event and we hope to see you there. And lunch will be provided! Who doesn't like free lunch?

Presentation: Tech Talent Supply and Demand in Middle Tennessee by Dr. Amy Harris / MTSU

If you travel in tech circles, then you already know that the talent shortage is a popular topic of conversation. But, what does that shortage really look like in Middle Tennessee? In this talk, we’ll take a look at the jobs data for three tech occupations: Software Application Developers, Computer Systems Analysts, and Database Administrators. For each of these occupations, we’ll examine the supply of existing jobs, the demographic makeup of the workforce, and growth trends. We’ll also examine the current job market through an analysis of recent job postings to identify the top job titles and hard skills associated with these occupations.
The research presented during this talk is part of the “Middle Tennessee Tech” research program. Established in 2018, this program is a partnership between the MTSU Department of Information Systems and Analytics and the Greater Nashville Technology Council. Its purpose is to provide, industry, economic development, and academic audiences with data on the current state of the local technology workforce.

Presentation: Using Cognitive Services and Key Influencers with Power BI by Antone Christianson-Galina / Think Data Insights

Microsoft Cognitive Services is a set of pre-built machine learning tools hosted on Azure, which Microsoft is now integrating with Power BI. In this presentation, Antone will provide a brief overview of the emerging space of embedded analytics, and how vendors like Microsoft are creating real value using Cognitive Services within existing analytics tools. He will then demonstrate how to integrate the Text Analytics Cognitive Service with Power BI. Finally, Antone will show the new Key Influencers visual in Power BI, with a walk-through how the feature works and what its limitations are.
Following the presentation, Antone will be field ideas and questions from the meeting attendees on the state of predictive analytics in modern analytics platforms.

Presentation: Modern Cloud Architectures for Data Processing Data Lakes and the Future of Server-Less Computing in the Data Processing Space by Roy Wells & Scott Golden / Protiviti

As the cloud landscape evolves and new tools and solutions come to market we need to consider the effects on our Data Processing Architectures and how we might alter long held assumptions about best practices and design of Data Warehouses. Low cost storage and SaaS solutions for ETL and data warehouses enable new ways of approaching classic data warehouse solutions. New tools also come with their own challenges, and designers need to consider the total cost of their solutions in terms of People and Technology to fully realize the benefits of the cloud. We will examine these market place trends and where we see things moving in the future.