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Preparedness isn’t necessarily about the end of the world or the economic meltdown. It’s not even necessarily about major catastrophic storms. Preparedness is about being able to survive whatever comes your way including income loss, and illness. It means your family will have food and water, shelter, heat, clothing and medical necessities. Of course once there, most people take it one step further. My father for an example, being on Long Island, with all the storms knocking out electric and contaminating the water, made sure we had the necessities of water and food, a secondary heating device with stock of kerosene, but also had 3 months mortgage, food, utilities, car expenses saved up, and my mother a garden to be more self sustainable. She had to wait on the lines for food rations as a teenager. I myself have only had that savings once for a short time period, but it makes perfect sense. We do not know what life is going to give us so to store necessities to carry us over for a time period is just SMART, not PREPPING. So taking it a step further and learning some other neat little trades or ideas, we are only bettering ourselves, and our children. Being able to pass things on to our children and their children might definitely make us what society calls a “prepper” today, but when my parents were young, it was just considered normal. They taught their children how to take care of themselves and their families and not to rely upon others for their support. Unfortunately today’s society teaches everyone to rely upon others to take care of you. Sustainability is also not about having to farm and live in the middle of nowhere, but having the knowledge to do so if need be. I think what I have been studying and practicing, even though I am not sustaining my family 100% at the time, it has made me capable of doing so. I know how to farm, ….I know how to forage, fish, and hunt. I know my medicinal herbs, and beyond common first aid. I practice these on a regular basis, and connect with others that do also. I learn something new almost everyday, at least every week. I CAN SUSTAIN. But with today’s lifestyle most of us need to hold full time jobs so having to ALSO completely sustain our household naturally is near impossible. God forbid there is any type of social collapse we will NOT be going to work full time and should expand our at home sustainability. We should have the preps and knowledge ready to put into use. COMMUNITY….. ( A group sharing common characteristics, or interests, and perceives itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists.)” It takes a village to raise a child.” So many times in the past this has been used. “The community came to their rescue and helped them through……” Without other people, we cannot survive. We cannot possibly know it all and do it all. So here on this site, we build the connections to our own community. We will not all be connected, but I hope with in this group you find connections that will give you a lifetime of support. I hope you will start to connect with people in your area, as well as areas you may travel in, and start to build your community. THAT is what this group is about

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