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Violence is the language of the unheard. We work toward peace and healing through deep listening. Please, join our journey. On November 24, 2015 the Charlottesville, Virginia, USA community held a prayer vigil for fatal gun violence victim, Floyd Alston Jr. There, the family made an outcry for community change. In response, on December 12, 2015 Charlottesville women met together to discuss outer and inner peace and how working toward these states could promote growth in our community. One of our solutions is The Deep Listening Project. We live in a world that fears "negativity." We shun negative people in hopes to lead a more positive life of our own. We cut people off when they are venting or complaining with advice they are not ready to receive. We shut people down. We humiliate people into silence. We erase their struggle. We do not hear them. Violence can be the desperate language of the shut down, the humiliated, the erased, the unheard. The Deep Listening Project creates a space for people to be heard, heeded, and healed. We do not judge. We do not offer unhelpful solutions. We offer deep listening, an ancient healing art rooted in therapeutic storytelling and mindfulness which weakens fear, awakens strength, and unlocks innate wisdom. Want to fight terrorism but feel helpless? Want to end war but feel inept? Want to end suffering but feel small? Join us. Your participation means transformation from fear and suffering to love and healing.

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