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Netrunner at Denver Central Games

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Netrunner at Denver Central Games

free Netrunner prize-match followed by casual play

Denver Central Games
10101 E Hampden Ave Denver, CO 80231

Every Thursday
Netrunner prize-match starts shortly after 6pm and is followed by casual play
Store closes at 11pm

Prize-Match Details:
Overview: Participating players are matched and play Netrunner. Best out of three in each pairing is declared the winner and is rewarded a random prize.

~ Players are randomly paired and assigned to play either Corp or Runner first.
~ Players switch rolls after the first game.
~ If one player wins both games, that player is declared the winner. Otherwise, a third game is played with the same decks and cards as the first. The winner of the third game is then declared the winner. (Note that agenda points scored in losing games do not break ties.)
~ Winners draw a random prize from the prize pool.
~ The prize pool is determined and displayed by the coordinator before the matches begin. The richness of the pool may vary depending on prizes available. If the prize pool contains fewer prizes than winners, only randomly selected winners will receive prizes.
~ The coordinator plays if there is an odd number of players present. Otherwise, the coordinator sits out. The coordinator determines the prize pool before he or she knows he or she will be playing. In the event that a coordinator is not available to sit out, a player to sit out is randomly determined (from players willing to sit out) and is immediately declared a “winner.” (If no player is willing to sit out, one is randomly selected from all players.)

Boardgaming runs concurrently to this event at Denver Central Games beginning at 5pm.

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