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Free Netrunner Tournament

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Netrunner Tournament at Denver Central Games

Free Netrunner Four or Five Round Tournament

Denver Central Games
10101 E Hampden Ave Denver, CO 80231
(720) 514-9911

Saturday, December 14th at 11am
We expect to finish before 6pm.
There will be a lunch break.

Tournament Details:
Overview: Participants are matched in a Swiss style. The event may, depending on the number of participants, end in a final four. There will be a prize for the winner. There may be prizes for runner-ups.

~ This tournament is run using the Netrunner tournament rules (except where stated below). Full tournament rules can be found here -
~ The first round is a 75 minute round. Subsequent rounds are 65 minutes. Players may setup before the timer officially begins (but are not guaranteed time to do so). Setup is defined as determining sides, shuffling decks, setting out necessary bits, drawing initial hands, and dealing with the mulligans. Players may not begin the first move of the game until the timer starts.
~ It is not necessary to submit a deck list, but players may request their opponent’s decks be checked by a tournament organizer, and tournament organizers may check decks at their discretion.
~ In matching and the declaration of a winner, a random method will be used to break ties after all other tie breakers.
~ There will be four rounds of Swiss if there are twelve participants or less. There will be five rounds of Swiss if there are more than twelve participants.
~ In Swiss matching, preference will be given to providing players with less redundancy in opponents.
~ The prize pool is determined and displayed by the tournament organizer and store leadership before the matches begin. The richness of the pool may vary depending on prizes available.
~ The tournament organizer plays if there is an odd number of players present. Otherwise, the tournament organizer sits out. If the tournament organizer plays, there must be a co-tournament organizer.


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