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What is Peer Support?

Peer Support is when an individual has been through a particular situation or struggle and shares those experiences with others with the goal of supporting that person in identifying the potential choices and options that could help them continue to move forward in their recovery.

What we do:

-We focus on wellness NOT illness.

-We focus on what is strong NOT what is wrong.

-We are Change Agents, Mentors, Supporters, Advocates, Educators and Ambassadors of Hope.

-We are inclusive, empathetic, accepting and listen in a nonjudgmental way.

-We use our Recovery Story to spread the message of hope.

-We share wellness tools and coping strategies.

-We promote Recovery and Wellness for all dimensions of life.









What Peer Support is NOT:

-Imposing our personal values, opinions or experiences on each other.

-Defining the experience of your peers for them.

-Telling your peers what they should do.

-Telling your peers what they should not be doing.

-Doing therapy on each other.

-Making clinical recommendations.

-Pushing personal agendas.

-Supporting abusive, self destructive or illegal behaviors.

You are NOT:

-A “bipolar” or an “addict”. You have a diagnosis.

-A patient, a client or a consumer. You are a person

-High functioning, low functioning, crazy, unstable, scary, non-compliant, weak, dangerous or helpless. You are a person in recovery and you are doing the best you can.

While this group has seen a number of changes over the years we have always been and always will be a group of peers. We are all in this together and the wisdom of group is the single most valuable thing you’ll find as a member of this Meetup.

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