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Following the success of our events in Manchester (The DevOps Battle Royale), Spinks and Infinity Works are hosting a series of interactive DevOps debates and workshops in London

We’re offering you the chance to come along and have your say in some of the most anticipated debates/battles in the DevOps and Cloud space.

Think; Summer vs Winter, Nestle vs Cadbury's, PlayStation vs Xbox, Gandalf vs Saruman (BIG BIG Battles!)

The events in Manchester so far have seen a host of technologies, represented by their respective technical experts, take to the stage and serve up some amazing knowledge over some ‘hot topics’ in the space. So far we have discussed Base Build vs Provisioning, Docker vs Serverless and AWS vs GCP vs Azure and we will be bringing the fun to London!

We have made this a totally inclusive experience, through workshops, Q&A’s, live votes and networking. This is a great opportunity to meet like minded technologists. Whether tech is something your new to you or its always been your passion, you can always learn something new.

Food and drinks will be provided throughout the night.

If you want to take part in some of the most talked about topics in the DevOps space, make sure you save your place and join the group.

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