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Kuhachi and Yumi are Japanese.
They have a number of their blog readers and go around Japan to give a talk.

Their messages point something quite similar to original Zen, Buddhism or Nonduality, yet cannot be categorised as such.

Visit Kuhachi's English translated Blog (https://douatsuko.wixsite.com/kuhachi)!

and his English Twitter (https://twitter.com/Kuhachi1)!

It is the Dharma of coming and going, the reality-nature itself before any recognition occurring, the pure functioning of the six senses.

This is a group for anyone who is interested in Zen, Buddhism, Nonduality, Mindfulness, Body and Mind, Spirituality, Awakening, and so on.. but has not yet 'settled' and still trying to find 'it'. :) This is for someone, who wants to get out from all sorts of confusing spiritual messages and ideas or who just wants to have true peace in self.

Kuhachi says, "If it was a temporary awakening to the so-called reality-nature, you'd never settle forever. It's got to be naturally a non-stop, continuous, already reality -nature being ....
The one simultaneous functioning of the reality-nature is the moving functioning, which never contains any name or thought whatsoever.

It is the matter of realising everything is already satisfied and saved unconditionally. You'll never find it as long as you seek for it with conditions. This has nothing to do with how you think or the way of your thinking towards something.

There is no object to anything including 'there is' or 'there is not'. There is simply no need to know it.

The reality-nature itself before anyone recognises or thinks, which is originally empty and silent... everything is occuring and being extinct at the very same time. "

They are coming to give a first talk live in London this May! Come and join us for this rare and exciting occasion!


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The Dharma of coming and going with Kuhachi and Yumi

The Horse & Stables


Kuhachi and Yumi will visit from Japan to give their first talk live in London! Their talk is not about such as Zen, Buddhism or Nonduality, though, it touches the similar essences of them but is gone beyond any category. It is the Dharma, the law of coming and going, the reality-nature of itself with the pure functioning of the six senses. All the knowledge and thoughts of so-called spiritual awakening make people more confused and can not get away from the way of thinking with holding on ' self'. The reality-nature itself is the very functioning of the six senses, which have originally no name, no recognition, no beginning, and no end. That is the reality-nature, which it is, that is complete, peaceful, empty, silent and absolutely free. ..! You will realise you can never cling on, judge, discriminate or conceptualise anything anymore, and thus see everything as clear as blue sky. The very being of the simultaneous functioning is what it is the law of the universe and beyond any word and recognition, it is perfect as it is. Being the functioning and getting away from the way of thinking even with any spiritual awakening matters will let your struggles and unsettling go, and it will be all completed every single moment. Come this rare occasion and join us! Please have a look at Kuhachi's Website and watch the videos. Two days talk lives with full English translation in London. It is £40 at the door in cash. Looking forward to seeing you !!

The Dharma of coming and going with Kuhachi and Yumi Day 2

The Wallace Restaurant


This is a limited number and more private talk live with Kuhachi and Yumi. * Please be aware the number I set below as attendee limit 4 can change. There are 5 people including Kuhachi, Yumi and Atsuko plus two attendees who are definitely participating. There are 3 people who are provisionally booked at the moment. it will be a more personal and relaxing gathering with an afternoon tea at the Wallace Cafe. (the afternoon tea is £19.50)

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