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This is a group for foodies who like to try new and interesting restaurants. I do my research through Zagat, Eater, and other sources. I do not charge to cover meet up dues nor expect your appreciation for the time and effort it takes to make arrangements for these outings, but I do ask that you take your RSVP seriously.

Unlike a large meet up gathering, where a no-show or last minute cancellation is of little consequence, Our outings can only accommodate 10 people at a time because most restaurants refuse to provide separate checks beyond that number. With over 500 members, our events usually have a long waiting list so each seat is precious. If you sign up for an event and your plans change, please cancel in a timely manner to allow for those on the waiting list to react to your cancellation. Last minute cancellation often makes it hard to fill seats because most people on the waiting list have made other plans.

Obviously, emergencies do happen and last minute cancellations are sometimes unavoidable. However, If you don't cancel and choose to be a no show, Or if you consistently cancel near or on the day of an event, you will be removed from the group. This may sound harsh but many restaurants require my credit card in order to make reservation. They will charge me if there is a no show.

As a procedure to help fill seats in case of a last minute cancellation, The RSVP period will close 24 hours prior to an event. Once RSVP period is closed, The waiting list is no longer valid and the people on the waiting list will not be automatically added to the "Yes" list. This is because within 24 hours of an event, most people on the waiting list have made other plans. There is no time to go down the list to confirm their availability. Therefore, If there is a cancellation within 24 hours of an event, any member, wait listed or not, can take the vacated spot by posting on the general message board stating they see a cancellation and would like to take the vacated spot. Once I see the post, I will respond and confirm your spot for the event. First post, first served.

This "spot and fill" process gives us the best chance to fill a vacated spot in a short period of time by opening it to the entire membership.

Thanks for your cooperation and look forward to seeing you at our next event.

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Thanksgiving Brunch at the Westgate.

The Westgate Hotel



Farmer's table, Little Italy

Farmer's Table Little Italy

Westgate Hotel - Sunday Brunch

The Westgate Hotel

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