What we're about

Are you a teacher who has a parent who won't stop calling you about your student's need for homework help? Are you already out of ideas for a great lesson? Is Jonny misbehaving in every class and you've tried everything? Are you nervous about when your principal is going to come in and do an unannounced evaluation? Do you just want more help because your principal or colleagues are too busy?

If you need support with...

*Classroom delivery skills
*Behavioral and instructional strategies that lead to better classroom management
*Customized curricular templates
*Parent/teacher/administration conflict management
*Curriculum development that meets the needs of your students

Then The Teacher Support Group is for you! Whether you're a new or seasoned teacher at any grade level, all teachers are welcome. At this group meeting, we will discuss issues with a positive growth mindset and share best practices to help you refine your craft as an educator. As an instructional and executive function coach, I've found that individual or small-group professional support can increase job performance exponentially. As a former elementary and middle school teacher that has worked in charter, public, and private schools, I have experienced first hand the effects of receiving minimal and maximum professional support. Now I want to offer that to other teachers who may not be able to get the support they need at their school.

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