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We NEVER do the same thing twice in a row!!

Finding yourself bored in the burbs? Tired of just staying in night after night? Then join The Downers Grove Adventurers!! We host a multitude of activities and don't host the same event back to back and over again. Who wants that? This group is mainly for 20s and 30s looking for new friends and heck maybe even relationships. If you're longing for an adventurous night or day, come join us!!

PLEASE READ: this Meet Up is a Drama free zone, if drama occurs and I am told of it, please resolve it yourselves. We're all adults after all. If you can't resolve it then please leave the group. I will only kick out members that are a danger to others, with only 1 warning.

With that Robocop stuff out of the way...lets just go have fun and seek adventure!!

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...and the Quest of Lasers

Laser Quest

"FREE FOR ALL" a booming voice said. Mists and the smell of strange alien rubber lingered in the air. There was no way out of this...this room. They had no choice but to battle each other... Let's play Laser Tag at Laser Quest!! I haven't played in a very very long time. As the description says, yeah it's free for all. If you like Apex Legends you'll like this. Bring $9 to play plus anything extra as we may go and get some dinner afterwards. Cya guys there!! ✌

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...and the Cin of X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Cinemark @ Seven Bridges and IMAX - Woodridge, IL...

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