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THUNDER CLAP! Healing and Protection Energy

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Dear Children of the Stones,

The Druid Circle is a place to come as you are. It is coming to hearth. Each of our meetups are unique including this one in that we try to do things that our “beyond the box” thinking. Please enjoy your time with us!

INTRODUCTION: How can the Kindred work with us to use our healing energy for others. Do we have the power to align ourselves with them working on their frequency to give ourselves and others protective and healing energies? We will meet at the corner of Art Museum Drive and Ben Franklin Parkway which is one block away from Whole Foods.

WHAT WE WILL DO: At this event we will open and close with our regular ritual curtailing it for this event's purpose. We will then have an open discussion about how to focus and get focused. After we will tap into the source of power to create our focused energy fields for those who need it and for us who wish to create a circle of protection. We will then learn some techniques that have worked for others in using the Thunder Clap to bring us closer to courage and wisdom of ourselves and others.

OTHER IMPORTANT NOTES: If you have allergens, please let us know ahead of time. An herbal seasonal tea will be served with snacks. Please bring anything you think might help accentuate the lesson. While donations to “The Druid Circle” are strongly encouraged, they are not needed but are always appreciated to cover any out of pocket costs. We do appreciate recommendations. If you need reasonable special accommodations please message us and we will see how we can accommodate you.

HOW TO FIND US: Use this web address...,-75.1782231,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c6c775d55a9a01:0xed266eacdd957ec5!8m2!3d39.9633471!4d-75.1771288

RULES AND REGS: You must sign up for any of our events to come. You may use the "Bring a Guest" option for someone who isn't on Meetup as well. We also don't allow for any bias against anyone for their race, creed, orientation, ability, etc. You must sign up for the event to come. This is a FREE event, but we need your name so you can sign in with the concierge at the front desk. We are all in this together and follow the same rules as found in Meetup's guidelines found here:

NEW COMERS: You don't have to consider yourself a Druid. If you are interested in Druidism, then this may be a good group to link up with as a point along your path. Our focus is druidism and we are an apolitical group. Please do not discuss politics at our events. We use what we learn for self-empowerment and building our group of different persuasions.

OTHER LINKS: If you are interested in connecting with us in other ways, please check out our links below. They will help you see a better picture of what we are about as well.





"Beidh sé go breá" [Behd SHEY goh BDRæ] meaning, "it all works out".

Gyda Awen!

Nioclás Deaglán,
Founder, The Druid Circle
Second Novitiate, Druid Solitary
Druid Order of Sacred Stone Circles