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< The Dubai Network Marketing Meetup Group is restarting from Sept- October 2018 with fresh and new ideas & opportunities combining Network marketing, Affiliate marketing, Digital marketing and a fantastic financial planning strategy :) >

Network Marketing "NM" / Multi-Level-Marketing "MLM" / Relationship Marketing or Referral Marketing "RM" ...call it what you want... it is all about MARKETING...and HOME BUSINESS...it is without doubts the best and fairest distribution system in the world. Certainly, the most democratic way for anyone to start a home business and to build wealth without exhausting capital and overheads. PROVIDED: that you learn the right skills and work with the right mentors & be part of a winning team.

Join this Meetup group if you want to to build a team of NM Entrepreneurs open for cooperation instead of competing.

PS: In this group it's not allowed to share, promote or market your opportunity. Thank you for your understanding.

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