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Games Night Addendum: Learning The Ancient Game of "Go"

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Spend minutes, hours or days exploring the virtual rabbit warren that is "Sensei's Library"

At Games Night (Wednesdays at Macturcaills pub) there was some interest in learning to play the Chinese boardgame "Go". We have had a few successful meetups already where members of the Irish Go Association generously shared their time and wisdom with beginners and newbies alike. If you've never heard of Go, or have and would like to know more, check out the link to Sensei's Library above, or you can message me.

We are very happy to launch successive returns to Larry Murphys on Mondays. Beginners, newbies and experienced players all welcome. The Irish Go Association has a standing appointment on Mondays, though usually very few players come, most attending the more lively Wednesday night meet...that means plenty of space for us to sit and puzzle over the board. Don't be shy to just show up, someone will teach you the basics and you can start playing straight away.

For more on the Irish Go Association, details at their website

* I will arrive to Larry Murphys around 8pm or shortly after and set out some boards. It's a small place, so the group is hard to miss. If you get there early, just order a pint and relax until you see the poor schmo lugging the surprisingly heavy boards up from the cellar.

See you there...


The rules of go are so elegant, organic, and rigorously logical that if intelligent life forms exist elsewhere in the universe, they almost certainly play go.
- Emanuel Lasker

The board is a mirror of the mind of the players as the moments pass. When a master studies the record of a game he can tell at what point greed overtook the pupil, when he became tired, when he fell into stupidity, and when the maid came by with tea.
- Anonymous Go player


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