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What we’re about

In reality, we have almost 100 members. We are networking through Meetup to reach out to the community in the hopes that you will become full members.

For all the details, visit our web site:

Founded in 2001 the DRAA, a not-for-profit charitable organization, provides community services to encourage the interest and growth in the field of astronomy and related sciences. The Association is primarily focused around amateur astronomy activities, but welcomes professional astronomers as well. The DRAA provides the community with resources and information about astronomy and assists individuals and other organizations in becoming involved in astronomy. Regular monthly meetings and scheduled events throughout the Region provide the Association's members and the public the opportunity to share and communicate all aspects of astronomy with one another. The DRAA is a standing organizational member of the International Dark-Sky Association and is committed to abating light pollution, the single most important threat to the night sky - in an effort to curb glare, light trespass and energy waste from poor outdoor lighting design and practices.