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Our goal is to start having a semi-regular meetup at our house for the purpose of enjoying some long and complex thematic games. These games generally take up more space than is available on the Tigges tables. They can also be long games, so we would probably start earlier in the day than 16:00. This event is essentially meant to serve as a kind of introduction space so that we can meet people who are interested in attending a thematic meetup at our house (or yours if you have the space).

We'll bring some shorter games, of course, and we welcome you to do the same. Ultimately, we hope to develop a large enough subgroup that we can regularly fill the 4-8 spaces available (2-6 if you count us) in the thematic games we own (or that you own). All that said, even if you aren't interested in thematic games you are welcome to attend this event just to come play games with us.

What is a thematic board game? (from Boardgamegeek)

"Thematic Games contain a strong theme which drives the overall game experience, creating a dramatic story ("narrative") similar to a book or action movie. Some well-known examples are Battlestar Galactica, Twilight Imperium and War of the Ring.

This type of game often features player to player direct conflict (with the chance of elimination), dice rolling, and plastic miniatures.

A Thematic Game is usually created around its main dramatic theme, which its rules and mechanics aim to depict. Themes typically involve fighting or good-versus-evil conflicts with heroes and villains. Science fiction and fantasy themes are common.

This is contrasted with Strategy Games, also known as "Eurogames." Eurogames are usually built around an elegant set of mechanics, with a more general theme (e.g. Power Grid or Agricola). Themes tend to invoke more everyday events such as trading and building."

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