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Flash & Portraiture - Light Shaping For Beginners

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Not entirely sure anyone cares for this, but a few of you suggested otherwise, so here goes.

This is a paid workshop, aimed at portraiture. It's about making people - your lovely granny or niece, frankly everybody - look even nicer in pics, using flash, and doing so by creating flattering light. It's about remembering them as vividly as you know them.

At its heart, this workshop is about simple tricks. I cannot change the laws of physics or those of light, but I sure as hell can bend them. Like any other photographer worth his salt. And it's no rocket science. Have you ever wondered why your built in flash is so harsh and uneven? Then maybe I can help.

If there is enough interest, we'll do this at my home studio.

This is my track record:

Price wise, you'd have to count on 45 euro for a 2 hour workshop.

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