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Another Taste of India in an Extraordinary Place

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Briksha, one of our sponsors, will be giving us another taste of India through his wonderful Indian inspired raw food creations. Raw Indian food is a rare treat and Briksha has mastered the art of it.

When I told him that Indian food was one of the things I missed on a raw food diet, Briksha said that he, himself, has been surprised at how little he misses the cooked food versions because some of his recipes are actually better than the dish that inspired them.

This event will be hosted by Raleigh, one of our members, who has generously offered his beautiful Berkeley Waterfall House ( for this event. If you haven't been there please try to make it this time! We are blessed to be able to have Briksha's dinner there. It will be especially beautiful this time of year- and we can hang out on the deck as it stays light later. For more photos of this place here's a past event. (

Before dinner Briksha will give a talk about 10-15 minutes long about Why and How to Oxygenate your Body with Healthy Eating and Right Breathing (HERB for Longevity)

Those who came to Briksha's dinners know just how healthy his delicious dishes are. He puts tons of greens in them.

The cost is $24 per person and the limit on this dinner is 21 so do RSVP right away. (Those who have purchased meetup memberships for $25 annually- pay $21.50 for this event*).

We are asking that you pay to RSVP so Briksha will know in advance how many are definitely coming.

Three days before the event the price will be raised to $28 if there is space.

As our sponsor, Briksha is generously donating 10% of the proceeds to the meetup.

*For those who have purchased memberships ($25 waives all venue fees- which usually range from $5-7 and you'll get a thank you gift in the form of a permachart put out by Hippocrates Institute on some form of the Raw Food Lifestyle. Click here ( to see what's available. E-mail me about this if interested) I will give you a discount of $2.50. So price for you is $21.50 per dinner.

The dinner will start around 6:00 p.m.

Dinner will include:

Main Dish Indian Burrito with Plum Chutney and Malai (Milk cream) ~Rainbow salad with Hemp -tahini Curry dressing Briksha`s famous Ice-cream (Vanilla and chocolate/mint ice-cream) or Coconut/avo Mousse Briksha Original Chai with Hemp Hazel nut milk + More: Briksha likes to surprise us About Briksha:

Visit Briksha's website ( for more about his culinary background