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A Day with David Wolfe (and a Party Afterwards)

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Ronnie Landis has invested a great deal of his time and energy into hosting David Wolfe in Walnut Creek on June 30th. The event consists of an complete day and an evening party. David Wolfe is rarely in the Bay Area. He is one of the rare proponents of unleashing the secrets of Chinese herbalism into our lives. I was able to attend one of his events about 2 years ago, and I only went because someone got me a ticket at a discount rate- and I decided to check him out. It was an unforgettable experience. I sampled this extraordinary tea that I knew would help anyone kick caffeine. It made me intensely curious about the ingredients in it and what they did for you. Two years later I have gotten every ingredient and have it daily. I also turned it on to my brother, and he was able to quit caffeine after having an awful addiction for years.

Seeing David is a rare treat although it is expensive. I can argue that you do get quite a bit for your money. The event is 12 hours long, Steve Adler will be there with his Sacred Chocolates, and Ronnie is renting a u-haul and going to Mount Shasta to get some of the best spring water for everyone to enjoy for free. David is always giving away lots of free things at his events, and his energy for life and optimism is infectious. He will sit there at breaks and answer any personal question you might have. He is also bringing his Longevity Warehouse line, which has an entire line of herbal extracts and many other raw food goodies you’ll want. It will prove to be a great gathering of people and an event that might be life changing if not life-enhancing.

In addition, Bethanne and Christian will also be there, who generously offered their wealth of knowledge at two chocolate elixir meetups we had. They will be offering their wonderful elixirs at a tonic bar.

The tickets for the event sell for $75 a piece, but we can join together and get tickets for about $65 a piece. If you decide to go, and want to purchase tickets through this site, you need to tack on a $3 pay pal fee- so the tickets will go for $68 a piece. If you send me a check, there will be no Pay Pal fee, and you can get a ticket for $65.

The event itself is:

11 a.m.- 11 p.m. which includes the chocolate party

Daytime event 11:00 AM- 5:00 PM

The Night time party will begin from 6:30 PM-11:00 PM

The Chocolate Night Club After party will include a Chocolate Smoothie bar with super food elixirs along with music and dancing.

The price for the chocolate party alone is $20.

Since it is in Walnut Creek we will try to set up carpools. Let me know if you’re interested in carpooling when you register. I’m still having you pay to RSVP but just e-mail me if you’d prefer to send me a check.

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