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The aim of this group is to highlight interesting events in East London and for people to socialise and meet new friends.

You DO NOT have to live in east london to join this group.

We hope to bring you fun and exciting indoor & outdoor events i.e. Comedy, eating out, pubs & winebars, cinema, bowling, live music, walks & tours, cultural events art/museums, festivals and much much more.

Suggestions for any events are always welcome, just contact the organiser. Join today - what have you got to lose!!!!

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Defeat The Werewolves - ONLINE (Spooky Dress Special)

Online event

Tonight is the perfect night for the werewolf game! And this evening is a SPOOKY DRESS SPECIAL - so you are invited to put on your blood red lipstick, your witches hat or Freddy Krueger sweater for tonights game. (Not compulsory)


The werewolf game is a great way to meet people and have fun. No experience is necessary, and now it has moved ONLINE so you can play from the comfort of your own home!

“The town has become infested with werewolves. The townsfolk must take immediate action and eradicate this menace before everyone is eaten!”

Can you lie and hide the fact you eat people?

Can you project honesty, inspire trust and protect the innocent?

If so, come to our village for the werewolf game online.

The Werewolf is a social game! It’s easy to learn (they’ll be an explanation at the beginning) and fun to play. There’s no board, few rules, just talking, thinking, voting, bluffing and lying! The game is great for sharpening your critical faculties, communication and social skills. The session will start with a few icebreakers before playing two games of werewolf.

The session will be led by Dave Bourn & James Wordsworth of "Sprout Ideas"

Timings: The whole session lasts approximately 2 hours but allow for an additional 15-20 minutes as the game sometimes overruns. There will also be a short break in the middle.

Zoom links: You can access the zoom link once you have booked your ticket. You will need to log on to Eventbrite. If you look at your booking email - there should be an orange button that says "go to online event page"

Equipment: All you need is a notepad, and a marker pen or felt tip pen.

TECH REQUIREMENTS: You will need a laptop or desktop computer with video and audio. A phone will NOT be suitable. You will also require a reliable internet connection. Please make sure your set up satisfies the tech requirements BEFORE joining - we cannot offer refunds if you discover your device or broadband connection isn't suitable

VENUE: In your home in front of your computer.

NOTES: Minimum age is 18. Only one character is allowed per screen so if two people are using one screen they play as one character. You may not be allowed to join if you are late for the session.


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Defeat The Werewolves - ONLINE Event

Online event

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