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Is it weird? : Men's Hug Workshop for August
Dear Huggers, If I hadn't discovered it myself (in meditation I might add), I would think going to hug people I didn't know was weird. But now, years later, hundreds of bodies later, I know deep in my body that it is something wonderful and good. You see, hugging in a consensual and safe context, is deeply comforting and the body responds in real and positive ways. Oxytocin, the emotional bonding chemical, is generated, along with Serotonin which elevates mood. The stress chemical, Cortisol, decreases. I like to think of what we do as a meditation in the comfort of being held. It is a language that says that we are cared for and safe and the result is that we end of feeling deeply relaxed and open hearted. I like to say that it reconnects us to a sense of "the goodness of life". If you haven't tried it before, I know it takes a bit of courage. But I think you'll quickly melt into the gentle pleasure of this immersive experience. If you need to ask any questions, feel free to call me at[masked]. The suggested price is $40, but if that is more than you can afford, just pay what you can. NOTE: You must RSVP, as space is limited. And if you RSVP, I will count on you to be there (or let me know at least the day before if you can't attend..thanks!) HUG. Steve

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The Ecstatic Embrace is a simple, but profound experience based a practice of meditative hugging. Sensual, but non-sexual in intent, it is a remarkable way to encounter yourself and others. The experience opens the heart naturally. Safety and mutual respect are core values. It is healing for body, mind and spirit. When I discovered it, I thought, "How is it everyone doesn't know about this?!"

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