What we're about

The Urban NLP Collective

What is this for?

This group has been set up to educate and enthuse people who are interested in the real benefits NLP and Hypnosis in Therapy, Business, Sports Motivation, Trauma Release and in fact any area of application. We also offer a support service for those people who may have been at the receiving end of a negative experience with regards to NLP and Hypnosis. We also blow away any misconceptions that people may have...an honest, down to earth experience awaits you...

What are we?

A welcoming, open, inclusive and experienced group of NLP and Hypnosis beginners, practitioners and teachers, (join our community).

A whole evening of social NLP...everyone encouraged to join the debate at any point in the evening.

Live demonstrations and the opportunity for you to practice what we teach, (experience it for yourself).

An exchange of information in order to spread the benefits of NLP to everyone, (who knows what you'll pick up that's of benefit!).

The opportunity to discuss and present your own experiences of NLP, (get involved).

Most important...don't take our word for it...come and ask those who attend; how NLP and Hypnosis has changed their life!

Who can attend:
ANYONE curious about NLP and Hypnosis, for example;

Beginners Who want concise, expert, professional and non-biased information about classic code NLP, new code NLP, and hypnosis before embarking on any study.

Support for new and experienced practitioners who would like advice and direction on how to deal with a host of subjects.

Experienced practitioners who want to update their skills and learn new ways of approaching NLP and Hypnosis from a large resource of like-minded people.

People from other change disciplines who would like to understand how NLP and Hypnosis techniques can be employed in their own practice.

Business people who would like to pick up some techniques to help smooth communication and performance at work (or personal life).

Educators who want to learn cutting-edge tools to assist in accelerated learning (or exam confidence, study practice etc).

Military and Emergency Services personnel who would like to understand how NLP can heighten performance and reduce patient trauma.

Sports people and coaches who would like to excel in their chosen discipline.

Anyone else who would like to be added to this Practitioner level, to Master Practitioner Level by Richard Bandler (Co-creator of NLP) John La Valle (SNLP) and Katherine La Valle (SNLP) and finally to Trainer Level by John Grinder (co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP), Carmen bostic st. Clair (co creator of New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll (Master NLP Trainer)

Andy MacArthur was taught......by Dawn Flockhart (Ex. Brain Train Academy) to Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level and to Trainer Level by John Grinder (co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP), Carmen Bostic st. Clair (co-creator of New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll (Master NLP Trainer).He now continues to be mentored by Andy T Austin one of the leading innovators of NLP in the world today.

He is also an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist having been trained under John Overdurf and James Tripp.

Originally a student at Brain Train Academy where he assisted on numerous courses, Andy is a specialist in treating Trauma and Anxiety disorders.

Andy is also an Addiction specialist where he implements solutions in a wide variety of situations. Andy runs private seminars from http://www.beautifulmind.me

Andy does certify Classic code NLP and Hypnosis courses and is one of the only two certified New Code NLP trainers in Scotland, accept no substitutes...(Certified by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carroll)

What this group WON’T offer...

Exclusivity - This meetup group is not exclusive...that can lead to elitism and cliques...in our experience, that is not a good environment! Everyone is welcome!

Ego - We don't have any, (if you do, leave it at home) as soon as you think you know it all, you constrain yourself to learn...we continually learn and update our skills!

Cliques - don't even bother trying to start one...we are all in this together...or you're not in it!

Show-boating - Not interested in showing off...just be yourself and do your thing!

Best wishes,

Andy MacArthur

Training Director

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