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The "NOT A BOOK CLUB" Oprah and friends meetup group Monthly Meetup
This meetup theme is on: Author and speaker: Dr. Wayne Dyer (please note that this is the topic and NOT the person presenting.) Power of Intention ~ available on audiobook, paperback and DVD seminar format 7:00 introduction of attendees 7:15 Theme introduction -introduction to Dr. Wayne Dyer's books and other materials 7:30 DVD clips and book selections -power point -DVD clips -readings from books and other materials 8:30 review and discussion 8:45 scheduling of next meetup goals in 2 weeks 9:00 closing and socializing There is a $10 fee to cover printed materials formatted for this specific group. When the theme or topic changes, a new fee may be introduced to cover the research, printing and organizing expenses. It is recommeded to have prior access to the book, DVD series or audiobook: "The Power of Intention" BUT NOT NECESSARY... this evening is designed to introduce the members to the material available from Dr. Dyer, as he is our selected theme for this series. The presentation during the evening does not require you to have the actual book with you, there will be plenty of visual aids and discussion without having to use the book as a personal resource througout the evening. The following meet-ups will focus on topics that can be resourced through the following means: -audio books -PBS television programs -webinars -motivational DVD's -and of course, some books for reference to follow along. I don't want to limit this group to using just books as our resources, as many people don't have the time to sit and read, but can listen to their i-pod while working out, or an audiobook while on the way to work, or even watch a selected DVD between meetups. This is NOT a typical BOOK CLUB... not that there's anything wrong with book clubs, but if you're anything like me, you learn better through listening, watching or actively doing... reading just isn't captivating enough to maintain my full attention. I hope to find other who are interested in experiencing a more interactive process for learning and applying the practices inspired by our favorites!

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This is NOT A BOOK CLUB... yes, we do cover topics written about in books, but this meetup group provides an opportunity for those who are not interested in reading, but can find time for a downloaded audio book to play in the backgroupd while driving or working out... or even watch a selected motivational DVD series. The topics focussed on are very similar to what Oprah's fans like to talk about, including her monthly Book Club! Experience her on-line programs with other like-minded people, and share your expereinces and thoughts on the hot topics. Not only do we focus on Oprah-covered topics, but we introduce members to Dr. Dyer, Chopra, Anthony Robbins and other well known motivational and inspirational speakers.

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