What we're about

Meet other local people who are interested in the topic of Personal Growth while attending regular mini workshops on different Personal Development topics.

Kim is a business and financial coach, and a NLP Trainer. She is passionate about bringing people together to learn more about themselves (to live consciously and improve self-awareness) and a variety of topics in the realm of personal development and honest communication. Kim is a co-facilitator with Larry Gilman, Actor, Producer, Director and Communications expert with The Mastery of Self Expression (themasteryworkshops.com).

Once per month, Kim will offer an informal workshop on a different topic. This will give Kim an opportunity to share her ongoing learnings with respect to clarity in communications and personal accountability. This will give you the chance to learn a number of skills and tools while getting to know other Edmontonians who are interested in bettering themselves and their personal relationships.

The goal is to learn, connect, and laugh together!

Please suggest specific workshop topics you are interested in.

Past events (49)

Leadership in Facilitation

St. Andrew's Centre

Having Difficult Conversations

Adtel Building