What we're about

Discover the Power of the Elemental in you to heal your Relationship and the Earth too!

If you relate as an Elemental in this world, then this Group is for you!
IF you cannot seem to stop reading and are drawn to this Group you are probably an Elemental!
To find out more about Elementals follow this link:

As an Elemental, and a professional who works with relationship and healing, I know that Elementals tend to have a hard time with relationship and that can lead to loneliness. In fact, we tend to protect ourselves by putting on invisibility cloaks, if you like. The problem with this is we, more than most, need connection with others.

To that end, this Group is to be a safe place for all to discuss how to be connected and live a full, happy life on Earth today, and heal the Earth at the same time.

All ages welcome – we come in all shapes and sizes – come all ye Elementals, share your successes and your challenges so we can all grow and heal the Earth together.
Goodness knows we need this more than ever right now!

If you still aren’t sure if you are an Elemental, please come and after at least the one meeting I will be able to tell you if you are.

It has become clear now that one of the aims of this group is to create an Elemental Earth Grid made up of healthy, happy connected Elementals all over the world. I will start a discussion for this within this group.

Rules for the Group: This is my Group, and although I would love to welcome everybody all the time, if I find that you are not an Elemental, I will discuss this with you and you will be asked to leave the Group, also if you are disruptive or offensive to anybody, you will also be asked to leave the Group.

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