The Elite Network Newcastle 25th April with Alexander Novicov & Dean Fox

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April's guest speakers...

Alexander Novicov
Alexander Novicov wakes up every day striving to become the best version of himself to inspire people to live a passionate and authentic life.

He is a minimalist, speaker, ceo and emotional human being. He helps people start meaningful and purposeful brands.

Alexander lived a delusional life for 30 years, lied to himself, chased success for the wrong reasons, lost his passion that led him to a very dark tunnel.

He learned that authenticity and love are the only two things that matter in this world. His agency, IQD worked with brands like Stella Artois, Pizza Express, Holland & Barrett, Eurovision and other SME’s. He is a regular speaker at Universities like University of Greenwich, University of Nicosia, IMH Marketing Forum and Social Media Forum in Dubai amongst others.

Alexander will be presenting his talk on 'Passion Drives Everything'

Without passion this world loses its beauty. The world needs more passion because we all crave it in our lives. People that are passionate inspire us to become better, to live from the core and live with purpose.

As a result of listening to Alexander's talk 'Passion Drives Everything' you will know:

• Why being true to who we truly are benefits everybody
• Being authentic is what matters most
• Living our own truth will bring more passion
• How we can all live with more passion

Dean Fox

Dean started life as an engineer in the Steel Industry and carved out a career by continually learning and trying new things, progressing from engineer to National Sales Manager with a major blue chip company, but always knew there was more to life than the day to day grind of the job.

His first taste of “entrepreneurship” and “personal development” came after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad in 2005 and he started to get involved in real estate investing and development.

The 2008 financial crisis nearly cost him everything and he was on the verge of losing his home. His whole life changed when in 2010 he was involved in a major road traffic accident and he began to reassess what was important in his life. Looking for inspiration during this difficult time he picked up a copy of Think and Grow Rich and began his journey into personal success and achievement.

In 2011 he was introduced to the world of Network marketing and has been hooked ever since, coaching and training thousands of people across the UK and building a business which puts him in the top 2% of his organisation, he also has a thriving 6 figure consultancy business.

For more than 5 years, Dean has taught people from many different backgrounds how to confidently change their life, create a thriving business and follow their own dreams and passions.

Dean strongly believes in the interdependence of people and the universe through the universal laws. Through his continued activity within his own Network Marketing business and his detailed study of the teachings of leading experts such as Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Dr Joseph Murphy, Earl Nightingale, Dr Thurman Fleet and Dr Maxwell Maltz, Dean is uniquely qualified to educate others about how success is truly derived and how to go from where you are to the top in your industry and make quantum changes to you and your life.

Dean will be presenting a talk on ‘Mind your own business’

How the entrepreneur and business owner mindset can be the number one factor in business and life success, Dean will unveil what causes our current belief system and how to train your mind to get everything you ever wanted.

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