What we're about

If you are a serial entrepreneur, If you have made the decision to be super successful in life and never quit. If success is your duty and failure is just a lesson, If you have higher goals in life and want to achieve greatness, If you want to be with a group of people that are on fire like you. People that will believe in you, encourage you, help you grow, support you, grow with you, mentor you and even invest in you, you have just found your niche. This group is unlike any other. We do not believe in being average and comfortable, we will keep you accountable to your dreams, we will help you expand by sharing knowledge, ideas, secrets to help you succeed and by bringing our own expertise in some of the most prominent markets like Real Estates, Insurance, Taxes, Financial Planning, Healthy Living, Entrepreneurship, Business and many more to help you reach your ultimate goals. The right candidate will be:
1) Serious
2) Committed
3) Have a cheering and great personality
4) Willing to learn and also educate others
5) Goal Oriented
6) Success Driven
7) Loves to read as we will go through some books together
8) Must be willing to invest in himself or herself to grow
9) A People Person
10) Will Bring his or her own Fire to the table

This will be educative and fun at the same time. Great networking opportunities! Professionals are highly encouraged to attend. Let's be Great Together!

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