What we're about

Members of this group are highly committed to employee engagement. Members include coaches, consultants, HR professionals, managers, senior executives and trainers. We discuss, learn and share ideas, tips, tools and best practices to help companies to raise the bar on Employee Engagement. Here are some examples of the type of topics we cover:


-The latest initiatives that companies are using to improve Employee Engagement

-How to raise the profile of HR

-How to get management to commit to Employee Engagement

-How to show ROI on Engagement

-Employee Engagement tools

-How to generate more work with your clients

-How to market and sell your services as an independent

-How to master social media

-How to leverage the expertise of others

-How to identify client needs

-How to use technology to improve employee engagement

-How the blockchain will impact the way we work

Other activities include:
-Thought provoking guest speakers
-Working collaboratively with other members of the group to deliver client solutions
-Business Referrals
-Social - well of course we'll celebrate our successes together :)

Upcoming events (4)

Designing an Engaging Client Proposition for your Business

In one of our workshops a few months ago we ran a brief exercise to help attendees to design an engaging description of what their business does. Apparently this simple exercise has had a dramatic positive impact for some of the people who took part. So we have decided to run a workshop specifically dedicated to this: How to define a winning value proposition for you and/or your business. We’ll keep the number of attendees low and we hope that everyone who attends will leave with a more powerful definition of their business than they arrived with. Ultimately this is about how you describe yourself and sell your services. This structured discussion is well suited to independent business people, small businesses and even people who run departments in bigger organisations. We’ll make it fun, interactive and valuable. This is worth attending even if you have run this exercise before :)

HR Professionals - How to Help Managers Manage (People)

A 2018 survey highlighted Employee Engagement as the biggest challenge facing HR managers. Yet business managers (to whom these same employees report) do not see engagement as one of their main challenges. We are having a facilitated discussion to tackle this disconnect and to equip HR managers, coaches and consultants with ideas and techniques to get managers in their organisations to own employee engagement and to manage their teams more effectively. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the burden of Employee Engagement, or you're purely looking for ideas and inspiration, then this might be just what you need. HR professionals, coaches, trainers and consultants welcome.

Public Speaking for Business and Managers

MSE Meeting Rooms

Due to the popularity of this event last time around we have scheduled it to run again on 5th February. The way we present ourselves in front of employees, clients, audiences and in meetings can literally change the course of our lives. So why leave it to chance? This 2 hour Public Speaking in Business masterclass has been specifically designed to help you increase your impact and influence in meetings, presentations, events, and even social settings. The unique nature of this event means that it is equally suitable for both new managers and experienced leaders. The event will be run by 2 top consultants from the internationally acclaimed APS and will include a former FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 director as well as an adviser to the United Nations. They will share some of the latest tools and techniques adopted by the very best speakers in the world. Feedback from past audiences confirm that this is a valuable, unique and enjoyable experience. So if you or someone you work with needs to improve their communication in group situations, this is a MUST. The event will be held at 6.30pm on Wednesday 5th February at MSE Meeting Rooms, 103A Oxford Street, London, W1D 2HG. There is no charge for attending this workshop. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis so please reserve your place now to avoid disappointment.

Selling Skills For Non-Sales Managers

MSE Meeting Rooms

Everyone knows how important it is to have selling skills - in almost every aspect of our work and personal lives. Yet often it is only the sales team who receive formal training in these skills. Well this is an opportunity for the rest of us - those who do not officially sell for a living - to learn the basics of selling. Learn how to become more effective and to apply your influence in business situations to win the support you need for the outcomes you require. In this relaxed session a former FTSE sales director will be sharing 10 valuable sales insights that everyone in business should know. The session is free to attend but places will be limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

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