Exploration of Consciousness w/ Crystal Singing Bowls

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Sound Meditation and Discussion

Bi-Monthly meetup on the 1st and 3rd Monday’s of the month from 6:30 to 8:00pm at 30 Ben Lippen School Rd, Asheville NC

Donations Appreciated (no one will be turned away for lack of funds)

Shift your Frequency: Learn to live on the frequency of liberationJoin me for a group experience dedicated to learning to live in freedom

Everything has a frequency and a vibration within that frequency. Emotional states have frequencies, states of consciousness, levels of consciousness, different dimensions all have frequencies. The various vibrations are like the individual energetic within the frequency. Each Enneatype has a frequency, when it is fixated the frequency is different than when it is free or liberated. If I am sad, my individual vibration is sad vibrating in the sad frequency.

We can shift from one frequency to another, the longer we hang out in one frequency the bigger effect it has on our vibration. From higher to lower, from lower to higher. Sound, meditation and group energy can facilitate a shift. Crystal singing bowls vibrate on a pure frequency that clears the chakras, and balances the physical energy making a shift in frequency more possible. Meditation, that is open, with no expectation, yet curious, allows the mind to settle and the body to relax. These are all components that can make space for a shift. Being in a group where there are one or more people vibrating on a higher frequency, can bring others to that resonance. When more people are vibrating on a higher frequency, the whole group benefits. When this is done enough the group can shift as a whole to another level.

This meeting will include sound meditation with crystal singing bowls, teachings, and discussion.

I have been exploring awakening and consciousness since I was a teenager. I’ve gone deeply into several practices over the years, and have had a few major teachers and a few major awakenings. In the last several years these awakenings have coalesced into a profound experiential understanding of Awakening and Consciousness.

Recently I have been guided to share, for my continued growth, and for others. This meeting will be mostly experiential and energetic.

Please come join me, to explore and discover

"More than just the words, it was the energetic aspect that was truly powerful and transformative"